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BlackVue DR590-1CH 1080p 60fps Single-Lens Dashcam

Product Description

Great Full HD recording quality in low light with Sony’s STARVIS™ image sensor.

The DR590-1CH is a simple and affordable single-channel dashcam that records amazing Full HD 1080p videos at up to 60 frames per second to catch important details even at high speed!

The DR590-1CH’s small form factor and tubular design let it record stealthily behind your rear-view mirror–invisible to the driver and barely noticeable from outside of your vehicle.

  • 32gb - 2 hours 45 minutes @ Full HD @ 60
  • 64gb - 5 hours 30 minutes @ Full HD @ 60
  • 128gb - 11 hours @ Full HD @ 60
  • 256gb - 22 hours @ Full HD @ 60
Sku: DR590-1CH-32
Vendor: BlackVue
Maximum quantity available reached.

High Frame Rate for Additional Clarity

The DR590-1CH records extra fluid videos at 60 frames per second, keeping all details sharp even in fast action. With 60fps, motion blur is much reduced compared to 30fps.
That means your BlackVue can better capture details–like license plates–even in fast-moving objects.

Loop Recording and Adaptive Format-Free Technology

Loop Recording: the DR590-1CH records over the oldest video files first when the microSD card is full, in a seamless loop.
Adaptive Format-Free Technology: your BlackVue saves and organizes files on the microSD card in a highly efficient way. It reduces the need for formatting the card and prevents file corruption even after multiple write cycles.

Built-In Impact and Motion Detection

Built-in impact and motion detection enable your BlackVue to switch between 3 different recording modes (Normal/Event/Parking) automatically depending on the conditions. Videos files are marked accordingly so that you can easily find relevant footage in the BlackVue Viewer.

Intelligent Parking Mode Monitoring

Parking mode is a standard feature included in all BlackVue dashcam models. For optimal performance, we highly recommend the use of either the Power Magic Pro or the Power Magic Battery Pack (sold separately). Your BlackVue dashcam automatically switches to Parking Mode to monitor your parked vehicle, but only writes to the memory card when something happens (motion or impact detected), which has two benefits:

  • Less chance for important files to be overwritten during long Parking Mode sessions.
  • Extended memory card lifespan in the long run.

Customizable Interior Camera

The Interior IR Camera automatically activates its infrared LEDs based on the ambient light.
180° Image Rotation to accommodate your setup: if the image comes out upside down, just activate this feature and it will fix the image orientation.
  ► Security LED ON/OFF (for stealth in Parking Mode)
  ► Recording ON/OFF (for Live View access without recording)
  ► Power ON/OFF (for power saving)

GPS Receiver (Optional)

Add geolocation and speed data to your videos. Visualize your route on a map with the free BlackVue Viewer. External GPS Receiver Antenna required, sold separately (G-1E)

BlackVue Viewer (Windows/Mac)

The BlackVue Viewer is free to download and use. It lets you easily change your BlackVue configuration settings. Displays videos chronologically and by type (Normal/Event/Parking) to quickly identify and archive important footage.

DR590 Series

Front: Black / Width 118.5mm x Height 36mm / 91g

Rear: Black / Width 67 mm x Height 25 mm / 21 g   (2-CH Only)

Interior: Black / Width 67.4 mm x Height 25 mm / 21 g   (IR Only)

Memory microSD Card (16 GB / 32 GB / 64 GB / 128 GB)
Recording Modes

Normal recording, Event recording (when impact is detected in normal and parking mode), Manual recording and Parking recording (when motion is detected)

* For Parking mode recording, a Parking Mode Battery Pack (Power Magic Battery Pack) or a Parking Mode Hardwiring Kit (Power Magic Pro) is required.

Camera Front: STARVIS™ CMOS Sensor (Approx. 2.1 megapixels)

Rear: CMOS Sensor (Approx. 2M Pixel)  (2-CH Only)

Interior: CMOS Sensor (Approx. 2 megapixels)   (IR Only)

Viewing Angle

Front: Diagonal 139°, Horizontal 116°, Vertical 61°

Rear: Diagonal 140°, Horizontal 115°, Vertical 60°   (2-CH Only)

Interior: Diagonal 140°, Horizontal 115°, Vertical 60°   (IR Only)

Resolution/Frame Rate

DR590-2CH-IR Models: <Front — Rear>

Full HD (1920×1080) @ 30 fps – Full HD (1920×1080) @ 30 fps
Full HD (1920×1080) @ 30 fps – HD (1280×720) @ 30 fps
HD (1280×720) @ 30 fps – HD (1280×720) @ 30 fps

DR590-2CH Models: <Front — Rear>

Full HD (1920×1080) @ 30 fps – Full HD (1920×1080) @ 30 fps
Full HD (1920×1080) @ 30 fps – HD (1280×720) @ 30 fps
HD (1280×720) @ 30 fps – HD (1280×720) @ 30 fps

DR590-1CH Models:

Full HD (1920×1080) @ 60 fps
Full HD (1920×1080) @ 30 fps
HD (1280×720) @ 30 fps

Image Quality




Video Compression Mode MP4
Wi-Fi External (Optional)
GPS External (Optional)
Microphone Built-in
Speaker (Voice Guidance) Built-in
LED Indicators

Front: Front Security (WHITE), REC (RED), GPS (BLUE)

Rear: Rear Security (WHITE) (2-CH Only)

Interior: Rear Security (IR Only)


Short press: Mic on/off

Press and hold: Format microSD card
Wavelength of Interior IR light (IR Models Only) 940 nm (2 Infrared (IR) LEDs)
Sensor 3-Axis Acceleration Sensor
Backup Battery Built-in super capacitor
Input Power DC 12 V – 24 V (DC Plug:  (Ø3.5 x Ø1.35), MAX 1 A/12 V)
Power Consumption

DR590-2CH Models: Avg. 290mA (3.48W at 12V, when Wi-Fi is off and no external GPS receiver is connected)

Avg. 310mA (3.72W at 12V, when an external GPS receiver is connected)

DR590-2CH-IR Models: Avg. 290mA (3.48W at 12V, when there is no external GPS receiver)

Avg. 310mA (3.84W at 12V, when Wi-Fi is on and an external GPS receiver is connected)

* Approx. 60mA increase in current when IR LEDs are ON

DR590-1CH Models: Avg. 160mA (FHD@60fps, 2.04W at 12V, when there is no external GPS receiver)

Avg. 180mA (FHD@60fps, 2.28W at 12V, when an external GPS receiver is connected)

* Actual power consumption may vary depending on use conditions and environment.

Operation Temperature -20°C − 70°C (-4°F − 158°F)
Storage Temperature -20 °C–80 °C (-4 °F–176 °F)



BlackVue Viewer

* Windows XP or higher and Mac Yosemite OS X (10.10) or higher

Application BlackVue Application (Android 4.4.2 or higher, iOS 9.0 or higher)
Other Features Adaptive Format Free File Management System

BlackVue DR590-1CH, DR590-2CH – BASIC Installation Guide

BlackVue DR590-1CH, DR590-2CH and Power Magic Battery Pack – Installation Guide

BlackVue DR590-1CH, DR590-2CH and Power Magic Pro – Installation Guide

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