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BlackVue Features

128GB microSD Support Icon

256GB microSD Support

All BlackVue dashcam models support 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB microSD cards. A 256GB memory card can store up to 60 hours of recording time depending on the camera and video quality settings. Visit each product page for more information. BlackVue North America offers BlackVue dashcams with a memory card included in the box. 
Parking Mode Icon

Parking Mode

Your BlackVue dashcam monitors its surroundings even when your vehicle is turned off or parked. If a visible movement or physical impact is detected in parking mode, a video file that starts seconds before the triggering event is saved automatically. A power source, such as the Power Magic Pro or the B-124X Battery Pack, is needed for parking mode.
Loop Recording Icon

Loop Recording

BlackVue dashcams feature loop recording. Once the memory is full, it will start writing over its video files seamlessly, starting with the oldest files first. Loop recording ensures that your BlackVue dashcam’s memory card will never fill up with video files and will continuously record new footage.
BlackVue Viewer Software Icon

BlackVue Viewer Software

The BlackVue Viewer for Windows and Mac OS is free to download and simple to use. Browse recorded videos, change your dashcam settings, and export video clips with ease.
Super Capacitor Icon

Super Capacitor

The super capacitor in each BlackVue dashcam provides enough power to safely shut down your dashcam when power is cut. Unlike the lithium batteries used in action cams, a super capacitor is designed for a driver’s needs and can tolerate vibration as well as extreme heat and cold.
Microphone Icon


BlackVue dashcams include a built-in microphone. The BlackVue Viewer lets you easily export video clips with or without the audio track. The microphone is on by default but can be deactivated in the settings.
Audio/Voice Alerts Icon

Voice Alerts

BlackVue dashcams alert drivers with voice announcements when recording has started, the dashcam has turned off, parking mode has been turned on, if an error occurs, and more. You can edit voice alerts individually in the settings.
Impact Sensor Icon

Impact Sensor

BlackVue’s 3-axis accelerometer detects impacts, bumps, and sudden acceleration or deceleration. When an event is detected, a video starting a few seconds before the trigger is created and saved automatically. Sensitivity is adjustable independently for normal and parking mode.