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Learn about the BlackVue Products

BlackVue's amazing single and dual-lens dashcams offer a level of performance, features, reliability, and longevity not found very often in the in-car video camera world. When you are ready for an unstoppable "dashcam defense", and you want to stop throwing money away on cheap dashcams that fail after a few months (or even a few weeks), the BlackVue models definitely deserve some consideration. BlackVue's continual evolution has led to improvements such as using capacitors instead of batteries (better heat resistance) and acceptance of up to 128gb memory cards for even more recording capacity. We don't even need to mention how these dashcams are still the top performers when it comes to parking mode (protecting your vehicle while you are away).
Here is a list of some of the features you will find standard across the complete line of products:
  • Starts recording automatically. Just turn your car on, and you're good to go! No need to remember to press "on" or "record". Records both video and audio. Audio recording can easily be turned off if you choose.
  • Loop-recording. This means that video files are continuously written and overwritten on the memory card, starting with the oldest files. With loop-recording, you'll never run out of space on your memory card and you'll be able to access your most recent video files.
  • Memory card. All BlackVue dash cams come with your choice of a 16, 32, 64, or 128gb BlackVue industrial-grade Class 10 microSD memory card. For best performance and reliability, we strongly recommend using only BlackVue memory cards in BlackVue dashcams.
  • Built-in G-sensor. This G-sensor will detect a wide range of impacts; from a nudge to a collision.
  • Voice alerts/guidance. Audio notifications (for example: "starting normal recording") confirm proper operation and keep you updated without distracting your driving. These voice alerts can also be turned off.
  • No lithium batteries. Every BlackVue dashcam uses heat, cold, and vibration-tolerant super-capacitators to improve the dashcam's lifespan and reliability.
  • Free software for playback on both PC and Mac.
  • No proprietary file formats. If you don't want to use the BlackVue software, it's not a problem! Video files stored on the memory card can easily be played back with common software players like Windows Media Player or VLC.
  • Parking mode monitoring. When connected to a power source such as your car battery (via the Power Magic Pro) or the B-112 battery pack, your BlackVue dashcam can keep a watch over your vehicle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When your vehicle is stationary, the dashcam will automatically enter parking mode, where only movement in front of the lens or an impact (bump) to the vehicle will be recorded to the memory card. No more wondering who was so kind as to leave you that nice dent in your door while you were away working or shopping.
  • Free lifetime firmware updates with 1 year manufacturer warranty.
Furthermore, BlackVue has a dashcam model for just about every application and budget! From the basic DR450-1CH to the touchscreen DR490L-2CH with front and back cameras, to the technology-packed DR650S-2CH, BlackVue has you covered. BlackVue has even recently introduced BlackVue-Over-The-Cloud as a free upgrade (coming soon!) to the DR650S single and dual-lens models, now that is an amazing technological leap forward in the dashcam world, and an excellent value to boot! BlackVue dashcams are a great choice for consumers and businesses alike.